Mykonos Island Hurries to Welcome Summer 2020 Vacationers

Hoteliers and other businesses on Mykonos Island are now in a hectic race to prepare for Summer 2020 tourists now that officials in Athens have announced lifting COVID-19 restrictions. After more than two months of lockdown, the chic party destination’s hotels, restaurants, and bars are ready to re-open May 25th.

All over the island workers are busy making repairs and sprucing up from the off-season lax period which usually ends in April. Roads are being paved, store fronts are being refurbished, and everywhere there’s a sense of urgency where only a couple of weeks ago there was uncertainty.

Situated at the center of the Cyclades island group, Mykonos is a luxurious island destination famous for its cosmopolitan atmosphere and vibrant nightlife. Known to many as the “Ibiza of Greece”, the island is one of those “bucket list” experiences everyone should take part in at least once.

New for the Summer 2020 Mykonos vacation scene is Kalesma[1], a new luxury stay of 25 suites and two villas, scheduled to open on June 1st. Billed as “a luxury experience that balances fun and privacy with genuine insider knowledge of off-the-beaten-path sites” by Travel Pulse[2], the hilltop retreat overlooking Ornos Bay looks amazing.

A couple of miles from Mykonos town, Kalesma’s accommodations are set on five acres of a lush hillside paradise boasting some 20,000 plants. Each of the suites offers unobstructed views from their private patios and heated pools. The suites aren’t cheap at €1,200 a night, and the villas will set you back €3,500 per night.

Also opening for the first time during Summer 2020, Koukoumi Hotel [3]will be the island’s first truly “vegan” hotel offering. Set in Ano Mer, a quaint village, the hotel reflects Myconian culture, while offering boho-chic accents topped with vegan delight. Argo editor Mihaela Lica Butler described the hotel’s atmosphere best:

“Koukoumi. It means “cozy” in Mykonian dialect, and it aims to be a haven, a retreat from stress, a once-in-forever memory that you make when life is too busy to allow you to notice the little things.”

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